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Peace Not as the World Gives

William Feeney

Our Dear Blessed Mother at Fatima told the three little children there that one of the conditions for peace in the world was that we must perform the duties of our station in life.  The first one of these duties is, of course, our duty to God our Creator.  We must know, love, and serve Him.  That's not an easy task in a world that is anti-Catholic or in a Church that is spiritually disoriented.  Catholic Dogmas are denied or watered down; our liturgy and devotional practices have been rent asunder and for most, man has replaced God as the primary focus of Church activity.  We must pray for the grace to know and perform the duties of our station in life in regards to our Catholic Faith.

We have also our daily lives in the so-called secular world.  Here we must contend with our rulers, the New World Order people.  They are obviously no friends of God's or His order and especially not of His beautiful creation, the basic unit of any orderly society, the family.  The NWO types are busily trying to destroy God's natural design of the family by every means possible.  Any motley group that lives under the same roof is family enough for them.  Remember, they are the creatures of the Revolution and as every good revolutionary knows, they are like unto God.  Prior ages didn't challenge God as brazenly as ours.  God's rights and His order were at least recognized.  The Church's rule over certain matters was understood to be part of God's order.  In Catholic times, a father's position as head of his family was a given.  A mother's right to be a full time homemaker was respected.  A child's right to be the protection and guidance of his parents wasn't questioned.  A laborer's right to a fair wage and social representation was clearly understood.  All were part of the fabric of Catholic times.

Today, we stand more alone than ever.  It is you or I against the godless super-state.  One run by cold and calculating neo-pagans or worse.  Would that the warmth and light of Catholic times could once again give comfort and cheer.  But alas, we have supported blind leaders.  Too many of us have chosen to ignore our Christian duty.  The cumulative effect of this is that various forms of godless Humanism rule over what was once Christendom and that the truth of our Catholic faith rules over very little.  Yes, Humanism rules the world.  Alas, it is a lie.  The Fatima Peace Plan was and is the means given us by God to make the world Catholic once more.

So far, both we and our poor clergy have chosen not to use it.  Instead, we have chosen to cooperate with the godless in building Utopia.  Vatican II, in its decree on Religious Liberty has for the first time in the history of the Church, and contrary to previous Church teaching, taught that error has rights.  Not that we should tolerate it sometimes out of necessity, but that it has rights.  It the light of that "recognition," the weeds of error flourish as never before and with no real opposition from any quarter.  As more and more people and institutions exercise their "right" to err, we can only look forward to anarchy and the total collapse of society.

What follows will rivet everyone's attention.  Father Trinchard explains it best.  He states that the overly indulgent, diabolically feminine state will out of necessity become the strict, oppressive, and diabolically masculine state.  You know, the kind with rulers like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pot; mass murders one and all.  We must ultimately choose between a world ruled by godless Humanism or a world ruled by Christ the King.  His Church must once again be part of the ruling order.  His Truth must once again guide law, education, culture, labor and finance. It's our Christian duty to work toward this goal.  It is a duty, not an option.  Many so-called Catholics have drunk so deeply from the Humanist cup that they have lost sight of the fact that it is the mission of both the Church and the state to work together for the salvation of souls.  Many are enthusiastically caught up with protecting the pseudo-rights of people to sin and go to hell.  They have lost sight of the fact that we are not here to help create conditions for people to go to hell, but conditions for them to embrace the Catholic faith and go to heaven.  It seems simple enough, but somehow we have lost our way.  Recall for a moment that Our Dear Blessed Mother told Sister Lucy that the Pope and the bishops must consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart in order to obtain the conversion of the poor nation.  Conversion is what Russia needs; conversion is the Church's reason for being.

It is difficult in this age of liberalism and false ecumenism to tell those people who cross our path in life that they need conversion, but it is a duty. Not an option. And we must perform it: for one day we and everyone God has put in our path in this life will come face to face with the stark reality of death, judgement, heaven and hell.  How we perform our duties will determine . . ?

Our Lady of Fatima,
Pray for us.

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