Catholic Controversy

  • Author: St. Francis de Sales
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 413 pages
  • Product Description: A collection of pamphlets written by St. Francis as a young priest (from 27 to 29 years of age) struggling to reach people who would not listen to him.  He had volunteered to re-evangelize the Chablais, a region in France south of Geneva consisting of some 72,000 souls, almost all of whom were now Calvinists, their ancestors having succumbed to Protestantism 60 years before.  It was a hopeless-looking mission of reaching people who would not listen to Catholic preaching for fear of reprisals.  In just 4 years using his pamphlets, St. Francis de Sales reconverted the entire region of Chablais.  This collection presents some of the best defenses of the Catholic Faith against Protestantism ever penned.

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