College Apologetics

  • Author: Rev. Anthony Alexander
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 246 pages
  • Product Description: Catholic students lose their faith at colleges - Catholic and non-Catholic alike - in record numbers today. At an age naturally given to questioning the values they have been raised with, college students are often all too open to seemingly rational assaults on the Faith. In this book, former John Carroll University Professor Fr. Alexander presents air-tight, rational arguments for Catholicism in a manner sure to appeal to any university or upper level High School student sincerely interested in finding out the truth about God, the Universe, and his or her self. Starting with the existence of God, Fr. Alexander goes on to show that God founded a specific religion, that that religion is the one called Catholic, and that everyone has an obligation to join the Catholic religion. This book is essential armor for any intelligent young Catholic going off to University, or whose Faith is threatened in High School. It is also good for non-Catholic college students making inquiry about ultimate truths. Ideal for Godparents and everyone who wants to explain the Faith to others. Ironclad logic!

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