The Devil: Does He Exist and What Does He Do?

  • Author: Fr. Delaporte
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 202 pages
  • Product Description: Recommended by Bishop L.G. Segur. An 1871 reprint. Is it certain the Devil exists? If the evil spirits are in Hell, how can they trouble the earth? What is the Devil's Region? What is a contract with the Devil? Is the Devil a prophet? Is it a sin to converse with him? What is diabolical temptation and possession? What is Exorcism? Can lay people say an Exorcism and cast out demons? Is possession rare? What part do relics, holy water and the Sign of the Cross play? Do fortune-tellers, astrologers, etc. deal with the Devil? Is the Devil the invisible head of Secret Societies and False Churches (St. Matt. 24:5,24)? What power does the devil actually have left to him? Includes the Official Prayer of Pope Leo XIII which the Devil hates. Here is the truth about the Devil. Nothing to compare with this singular, powerful, all revealing timely book. For over 100 years this edition was out of print.

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