Essays of a Catholic

  • Author: Hilaire Belloc
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 245 pages
  • Product Description: Today's beleaguered Catholic needs the light shed by this brilliant Catholic mind! Belloc was a prophet and foresaw our troubled times. In this work he turns his erudition, robust common sense and supreme confidence in the Catholic Faith to a host of topics, countering the official anti-Catholic views so prevalent in our century. Topics include Usury Legend, The (Catholic) Historical Counter-Attack, The Faith through the Press, The Catholic Church and the Modern State, The Schools, The Faith and Industrial Capitalism, The Conversion of England, The Revival of Latin, The New Paganism, The Two Cultures of the West, etc. Belloc realized keenly that everything in the world revolves around the struggle for or against true doctrine. This book clarifies issues and sheds brilliant light on Belloc's many themes stated in his other books. Many of the topics in this work are absolutely essential to understanding where we are today. A classic and a tonic sorely needed by Catholics!

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