Eucharistic Miracles

  • Author: Joan Carroll Cruz
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 305 pages
  • Product Description: Over 35 famous, amazing, historical miracles of the Eucharist: Hosts that have turned to visible flesh when consecrated, Hosts which have bled. Hosts which have become hard as stone upon being received by a person in mortal sin, Hosts which have levitated or manifested their hidden presence by mysterious lights, etc. Covering a period from Lanciano, Italy (8th century) to Stich, Bavaria (1970) many of these miracles came about after sacrilege had been committed against the Holy Eucharist. Gives information on official investigations made into these events and tells where these miraculous Hosts can be seen and adored. Also describes the extraordinary Eucharistic phenomena in the lives of many saints: saints who lived on the Eucharist alone, raptures and ecstasies during Holy Communion, miraculous receptions, levitation, visions, locutions, and phenomena of tears, fire and light - plus the history of Eucharistic adoration, including Benediction, Corpus Christi, and perpetual adoration. A powerful shot in the arm to the sagging faith of Catholics today. Firmly buttresses the loftiest mystery of the Catholic religion.

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