Facts About Luther

  • Author: Patrick F. O'Hare
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 356 pages
  • Product Description: This is a sobering, eye-opening, record-straightening analysis of the life, the thought, and the work of Martin Luther (1483-1546). One of the most influential and controversial figures of all history, Luther has been portrayed by his followers to be something quite opposite from what he actually was. The author researched mostly Protestant writers including Luther's own writings for this revealing expose of the Father of Protestantism. The author states that we would willingly allow him (Luther) to remain in his grave, but as his friends insist on resurrecting him, we have no alternative but to show the disciples of a system which is the child born of a great lie and nursed and fostered in heresy and infamy that Luther by his own works and teachings was a malicious falsifier of God's truth, a blasphemer, a libertine, a revolutionist, a hater of religious vows, a disgrace to the clerical calling, an enemy of domestic felicity, the father of divorce, the advocate of polygamy, and the propagator of immorality and open licentiousness. These charges are serious, but we beg to remind you that we have not interpreted or edited Luther as he took the liberty to do with the scriptures. We have merely quoted him from reliable sources and made him his own accuser and judge. Wow!

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