The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass

  • Author: Fr. Michael Mueller
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 589 pages
  • Product Description: Few Catholics have anywhere near an adequate appreciation of the glory and splendors of the Mass, and therefore this book will come as a marvelous and surprising revelation to most. Fr. Muller brings together a wealth of Catholic traditions, Biblical facts, enthralling true stories and lessons from the lives of the Saints to show that in the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we possess something of infinite value and the only gift we can offer to God which is not miserably unworthy of Him, and a gift through which we can obtain from Him every possible favor. In this masterpiece, written over 75 years ago, Fr. Muller considers the Mass as the central element of the Catholic Faith and proceeds to examine it from every conceivable aspect. The result is that he presents not only the nature, importance and value of the Mass - in a manner that is most understandable and inspiring to the reader - but he also, in the process, touches upon virtually every facet of our Faith, showing how it is tied up with this supreme sacrifice. All, priests and layman, can gain new insights from this great work.

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