The Incorruptibles

  • Author: Joan Carroll Cruz
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 315 pages
  • Product Description: An account of the incorrupt bodies of 102 saints and beati of the Catholic Church where alone this miraculous suspension of the natural takes place. Proves that this is not mummification or due to embalming methods. Some bodies incorrupt after 1500 years. Buried under every conceivable circumstance, yet flexible. Some buried in lime, water, in the open, mutilated, etc. but still no corruption. Some bleed when cut, even after hundreds of years; others give off a heavenly fragrance. Miracles do exist even as Our Lord told us would happen. Here is His pledge that He would abide in His Church and in His Saints until the end of time, showing forth and pointing the way to the wise men of every age who still seek Him. This book effectively offsets the rampant naturalism of the day which seeks to destroy belief in the supernatural. The first and only book of its kind in any language. The most exciting book published in 1978. Researched for five years.

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