Little Catechism of the Cure of Ars

  • Author: St. John Vianney
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 139 pages
  • Product Description: This jewel from the hand of the much loved St. John Vianney is an inspiring presentation of the spiritual battle we all face to save our souls and is probably the simplest and most persuasive plea ever written encouraging us to renounce our sin and to lead a pure and holy life. Covers in 36 short chapters every basic aspect of our spiritual struggle and the means Jesus Christ has provided through His Church to overcome our spiritual problems. Presents a unique, profound and penetrating understanding of the pitfalls we all face in trying to save our souls - and the ease with which we can, if we will only cooperate with the great means which God has placed at our disposal. Contains many of St. John's memorable sayings such as, I know two very certain ways of becoming poor: they are working on Sunday and taking other people's property. And the Christian lives in the midst of crosses as the fish lives in the sea.

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