Mystical Evolution

  • Author: Fr. John Arintero
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 876 pages
  • Product Description: There is no other book quite like The Mystical Evolution. Not only does it explain in profound and intimate detail the nature of the supernatural life in all its glorious ramifications for Christians in general, but it also recites a lived and familiar lexicon of the sometimes torturous steps of the spiritual life, as the individual sees it, while progressing through the famous three ways. The Mystical Evolution is unique because it is thorough and because it is written by one who both knows intellectually whereof he speaks, but at the same time has experienced the subject of his writing over a long period. (In fact, Father Arintero's sanctity has led to promotion of his cause.) Unlike most writers of spirituality, the author quotes copiously from the Bible, the Fathers and Doctors of the Church, making this virtually a mystical encyclopedia. The magnitude of this book is exhaustive, its discussion minutely informative, and its style common, so that anyone can understand. The spiritually oriented reader will dwell long and rich reward in the pages and amidst the thought of Father John Arintero.

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