The Passion of Jesus and its Hidden Meaning

  • Author: Fr. James Groenings
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 461 pages
  • Product Description: This magnificent work has got to be the greatest book on the suffering and death of Christ available anywhere today! It clearly and vividly gives us the reasons, meaning, causes, motives, circumstances and effects for the greatest drama ever recorded in human history. Father Groenings has shunned all private revelation as a source for this powerful book. He has instead relied on the best authority available on Holy Scripture - the invaluable writings of the Fathers of the Church with their deep insights into the true meaning of God’s Holy Word. Learn why Christ chose to be crowned with thorns or to be scourged at a pillar. What role did Barabbas play in God’s plan? What grace caused Pilate’s wife to become a Catholic? What is the meaning of Christ falling while carrying the cross? Why did Our Lord choose crucifixion over other modes of death? What is the meaning of natures reaction during the Passion, such as the eclipse of the sun in the middle of the day?

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