Sex Education: The Final Plague

  • Author: Randy Engel
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 228 pages
  • Product Description: In total contradiction to the traditional Catholic teaching that instructing children in sexual matters is the right and duty of the parents, we now see a flood of classroom Sex Education programs and classroom Chastity Education programs. According to author Randy Engel, this education is designed to destroy natural modesty in children, awaken the passions, and pressure them to accept all sexual sins and perversions, like homosexuality, as normal. Classroom sex education is a grave moral evil, a serious occasion of sin, is all-pervasive, is taking place in most Catholic (as well as public) grade and high schools, and is being allowed-and promoted-by those in position of authority in the Catholic Church, including bishops, priests and nuns. Mrs. Engel's book, Sex Education-The Final Plague, explains where this moral plague came from, who is promoting it in Catholic schools today, and the Vatican's response to it. She calls for the Church to put a total ban on all school sex education programs. All Catholic parents should read this book in order to be armed against one of the gravest moral dangers facing our children today.

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