The Sinner's Guide

  • Author: Ven. Louis of Granada
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 395 pages
  • Product Description: The great St. Teresa of Avila credited it with having converted over a million souls in her own time! His description of the despair in Hell will shake loose any desire, by even the most hardened sinner, to persevere in sin. Man's classic excuses, such as planning to convert later and the difficulty of practicing virtue, are thoroughly demolished. Shows how the sinner's life, because of his gnawing conscience, is a continual torment to him even while still on this earth. Whereas, the practice of virtue brings the wonderful promise of Heaven, plus the beautiful joy of a clear conscience, and the many other marvelous advantages of holiness - even here in this life! The Sinners Guide strips away the glamour of sin, fortifying the soul for the resolute practice of the Christian virtues. For mastery of subject, for command of scripture, and for total impact upon the mind and heart of the reader, there is no book which surpasses The Sinner's Guide: Masterful writing!

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