The Sinner's Return to God

  • Author: Fr. Michael Mueller
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 224 pages
  • Product Description: The Sinner's Return to God is a soul stirring book about the importance of the Sacrament of Confession. The devil, forced by a holy theologian to declare what it is that most injures him and his fellows, replied, There is nothing in the Church which does us so much harm, which so unnerves our power, as frequent confession. Father Mueller proceeds to show how the habitual sinner becomes hardened against the grace of God, how easy it is to slip into habits of sin and how hard to break them, how easily habitual sinners can be tempted to despair, and how terrible are the deaths of sinners who die unrepentant. Further, he shows the danger of bad books, of drunkenness and impurity, of delaying the time of one's conversion for God and of over-reliance on His mercy. The author shows clearly what is the alternative to salvation?everlasting Hell. He also shows the marvelously purifying effects of perfect contrition, the infinite mercy of God, the way to overcome the difficulties of confession, the priest's joy in granting absolution, the beautiful, pure soul of the absolved sinner and his heartfelt consolation after Confession. Bodily medicine, Father Mueller writes, if very sparingly used, gives relief, it is true; while if frequently applied, it restores or preserves health. Thus too, Confession, if made even but seldom, produces saving effects in the soul; while, if made frequently, it begets in it the fullness of perfection The author ends by describing the wonderful role played by the Blessed Virgin Mary in helping the sinner return to God's grace. Extremely sobering, yet profoundly consoling, The Sinner's Return to God demonstrates fully the dire need we all have of frequenting the Sacrament of Confession. Here is a book that should be read by every Catholic in our age, when the practice of Confession has been all but abandoned.

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