The Story of A Family: Home of St. Therese of Lisieux

  • Author: Stephane-Joseph Piat
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 459 pages
  • Product Description: One of the secrets of the greatness of St. Therese, called the Little Flower by Pope Pius XI, was the love and training she received at home by her family. In Story of a Family, Fr. Stéphane-Joseph Piat has masterfully reconstructed for us the lives of Louis and Zelie Martin, St. Therese's parents, as well as those of her four sisters and near relatives, plus her own life. In the process, he has produced one of the most moving books a Catholic will likely ever encounter. Story of a Family is a tender and touching panorama of Catholic family life at its very best, a story that will thrill, motivate and inspire Catholic families so long as faith is alive. Whoever takes up this story is in for one of the great reading experiences of his life. For this story tears at one's heart-strings as it reveals the making of a great, great Saint in the family context of what certainly has to have been the high water mark of French Catholic life. 21 Photos.

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