Therese Neumann

  • Author: Adalbert A. Vogl
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 210 pages
  • Product Description: These are the personal memories of a life-time family friend who was also an official witness in the process leading to the Cause for Therese Neumann's beatification. Here Mr. Vogl describes Therese's Passion ecstasies, her stigmata, miraculous receptions of Holy Communion, her abstinence from 1926 to 1962 from all food and drink except the Eucharistic Host, her living without sleep, her visions and the language phenomenon, her mystical recognition of priests and relics, her cures and prophecies, and her bilocation and other mystical gifts. Therese was at the pinnacle of world fame during the Nazi regime which she and her friends opposed vigorously, and an informative chapter is included showing the proportion of voters who brought Hitler to power had very few Catholics among them. 72 phenomenal black and white and color photographs graphically portray the wounds and bleeding and the Passion she experienced over 700 times. Although not told in this book, there is an often recounted story which tells that Therese is the mystic who prophecied that because of the mercy of God, bombs would not fall on U.S. soil as a reward for the generosity of the American people to many other countries of the world. But the chastisement that would befall America would be due to natural disasters and financial loss. Therese lived between 1898 and 1962 and offered her sufferings in reparation for the horrors of this century. Her life appears to be a pure gift of God as an inspiration to all of us.

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