Stories of Padre Pio

  • Author: Madame Katharina Tangari
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 218 pages
  • Product Description: In this book one sees the marvelous way in which Padre Pio dealt with people to heal their bodies, souls and hearts--through miracles, providential coincidences and other remarkable answers to prayers. Madame Tangari (who is herself a remarkable person) describes how she met Padre Pio, how she became his spiritual daughter and how he guided her during the last eighteen years of his life. She tells stories of wonderful assistance that she and others received from Padre Pio regarding conversions, illness, bereavement, lost objects, broken marriage, irrational fear, business, getting out of Freemasonry, and of course, the spiritual life. Madame Tangari describes Padre Pio's amazing gift of easily solving difficult problems with a few special graces and favors from God and beginning life anew in happiness and peace. Stories of Padre Pio gives a rare, firsthand view of this great and holy priest who, as many are hoping, may soon become a canonized Saint!

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