A Layman's Look at Evolution

  • Author: Michael Malone
  • Cover: Booklet
  • Pages: 29 pages
  • Product Description: Here is a refreshing look at the heresy of Charles Darwin, complete with simple but clinching up-to-the-minute refutations of all the latest innuendos and scientific arguments, all worded in a way calculated both to edify and entertain. Concise exposures of the recent hoaxes of the Martian rock, Theistic Evolution, Missing Links, efforts at cloning, and the Natural Selection process. Includes the Church's official censure of life on other planets, the Magisterium's condemnation of Evolution, and Scriptural proofs that nothing God ever made can become extinct. Dinosaurs are still with us! Read about 35-foot crocodiles, the Dodo bird, flying possoms, horses with toes--and other creatures that never evolved at all. Here at last is a clear explanation in laymen's terms of the age of the world, philosophic refutations of Evolution, and errors in various dating techniques. Save yourself years of research at the local library! Squelch your local Evolutionist with this pithy and readable handbook.

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