My Sister St. Therese

  • Author: Celine Martin
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 249 pages
  • Product Description: This famous little classic by Celine Martin is a wonderful treasury of little-known stories and sayings of St. Therese, almost equivalent to a second Story of a Soul. Celine was St. Therese's closest friend and her disciple in Carmel, having been placed under St. Therese's direction in the novitiate. Here Celine recounts a wealth of precious memories of her sister?teachings, anecdotes, hidden virtues, conversations, and even amusing remarks?by which St. Therese translated her beautiful doctrine of Spiritual Childhood into the homely routines of daily life. Plus, Celine gives us privileged details of St. Therese's last months and beautiful death. Truly it seems an act of Divine Providence that this book was written, for Celine, blessed with a keen memory and loving heart, gathered up what she saw and heard, carefully preserving it in this now-famous little work. My Sister Saint Therese is a wonderful book of spiritual encouragement which should go far toward fulfilling St. Therese's great desire to teach others to love God as she loved Him.

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