Only Begotten

  • Author: Michael Malone
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 455 pages
  • Product Description: This monumental research project has consumed the attention of Michael Malone, author of the well-known APOSTOLIC DIGEST and many other challenging studies on the Faith, for over thirty years.  Calling upon more than 4,000 citations, the author demonstrates beyond the shadow of a doubt not only that all men must undergo the actual reception of sacramental water  baptism in order to attain the Beatific Vision, but also why this Sacrament is so absolutely necessary for salvation.  With the help of his authorities, Mr. Malone takes us under the microscope to show the various graces that are infused into the soul at the instant of baptism, graces that bring about the born-again experience Our Lord told Nicodemus was so necessary.  But more remarkable is the discovery of the many citations proving that the Mother of God herself was baptized, when and why and by whom.  If she who was immaculately conceived HAD to be baptized to go to Heaven, who can deny himself this sacramental obligation?  THE ONLY BEGOTTEN undertakes a study in-depth of the Sacrament, what it does to us, and what it makes us; how Sanctifying Grace, while necessary to salvation, is merely a fellow-creature brought into being for us, and thus in need of further assistance and implementation to achieve its destiny. It is the un-created Life of God that must be transmitted into a soul destined for the Beatific Vision.  Answers why Adam and Eve nor any of their canonized children could achieve eternal bliss in the State of Justice; how men become Spouses of Jesus Christ and Temples of His Holy Spirit, regenerated, indeed, re-created fit for the Kingdom of Heaven. With a glowing commendation by Fr. Timothy Hopkins of St. Philomena Shrine, Miami, Florida.  You will understand, after reading this marvelous book, why baptism of desire, alone cannot bring about a new creature, any more than a desire for a new child alone can bring about the creation of a new person!

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