The Glories of Divine Grace

  • Author: Matthias Joseph Scheeben
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 420 pages
  • Product Description: The Glories of Divine Grace will undoubtedly become one of the two or three most influential Catholic books that a person will ever read. For, as the subtitle indicates, it is A Fervent Exhortation to All to Preserve and to Grow in Sanctifying Grace. Catholic catechisms all teach that with Baptism we become children of God and heirs of Heaven; that we receive thereby Sanctifying Grace and thus have a share in the life of God Himself. However, after learning this, most Catholics think little more about the nature of Sanctifying Grace, what it means and what it does for  us. That is why Fr. Scheeben, a renowned German theologian of the 19th century, wrote this famous book.  The Glories of Divine Grace is an impassioned appeal to us all to understand the nature of Sanctifying Grace, to preserve this incredible gift from God, and to grow in it each day for the rest of our lives. Written in a popular, direct style, this book explains how grace works, what are its effects, how to grow in grace, and the union with God that it allows us to achieve in this life, and with Him in eternity forever.

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