The Life of Father De Smet, S.J.

  • Author: E. Laveille
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 400 pages
  • Product Description: Fr. Pierre De Smet (1801-1873) is mentioned in U.S. history books almost as a footnote, but there was in the mid-19th century America no single person the American Indians trusted as they did this Jesuit Priest. He was more powerful than an army at a huge treaty conference of U.S. officials and the Western Indian nations near Laramie in 1851, and he was the chief negotiator at another, with the Sioux, in 1867 to a conference with the Indians. As a young Belgian seminarian headed for the American Mission Lands in 1823, he literally had to escape out of Europe to begin his apostolate, but in time-through his numerous letters to friends, which they published - he became the best known missionary in the world, and even met Pope Gregory XVI in private audience, and many of the most famous people of his time. Eight times he returned to Europe to raise funds and beg supplies for the Indians. He traveled through the wilderness in summer and winter, by every means of conveyance and on foot, braving hardships and often going without food for days. The anecdotes, adventures and quotes from the Indians make this a fabulous, captivating story.

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