St. Vincent Ferrer

  • Author: Andrew Pradel
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 194 pages
  • Product Description: St. Vincent (1350 - 1419) claimed that he was The Angel of the Judgment mentioned in the Apocalypse (14:6-7) and he worked an extraordinary miracle to prove it, which the Church accepted as verification of the truth of his claim. At his canonization, the judges became weary and stopped the ecitation of validated miracles after they exceeded 800! Like the people of Nineveh at the warning of the Prophet Jonah, the people did change, and the world was spared, and it has subsisted to the present hour - in large part because of this one man! St. Vincent paid the price for the mitigation of a chastisement in his long fasts, prayers, hair shirt, discipline, little sleep and long wearying journeys on foot with as many as 10,000 people traveling with him, including at least 50 priests. Preaching in the open, thousands heard his voice clearly. Whole cities were converted in a matter of days from the depths of the worldliness and mortal sin to strict Catholicism.

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