One World

  • Author: Tal Brooke
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 273 pages
  • Product Description: Tal Brooke uncovers the deep and often hidden forces behind the sweeping changes taking place right now. It suggests that certain turns in the road of history have remained unknown by the public - intentionally. In today's monopolized information gateway there are, indeed, patters being kept from public view for the simple reason that this radical transition requires a docile and trusting public - a public that is willing to accept the popular reasons America and other nations have been pushed into a national debt equal to their net worth; why the family continues to disintegrate; why male and females roles blur; and why Christianity and traditional values disappear to be replaced by another system. The Financial, military, political, and spiritual arms of this powerful agenda have an interlocking purpose that gives the plan almost irresistible power.

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