Right and Reason

  • Author: Milton A. Gonsalves
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 627 pages
  • Product Description: This book is probably the greatest and most successful Ethics book written to date. Widely used in Catholic colleges, it was undoubtedly the clearest and easiest-to-read Ethics text ever published. The author says that no book can take the place of a professor in the classroom, but this one virtually does - and Fr. Fagothey says he wrote it that way. Though this Second edition was issued in 1959, it remains remarkably contemporary and is a book which can be read basically by any adult - either in toto or as a handy reference to look up topics in question. Phrased in non - technical language, RIGHT AND REASON is a thoroughly competent book in the philosophy of Ethics, which gives the science of morality from the Aristotelian - Thomistic, common - sense school of thought - which is none other than the Perennial Philosophy of the Ages, the philosophy outside of  which one's positions quickly become absurd and all reasoning ends up in dead - ends. In 35 chapters he covers the whole field of Ethics, posing and answering the perennial questions; for example: What makes the right right and the wrong wrong? What is moral obligation and where does it come from? Why is lying never right? Why is divorce always wrong? Why is abortion always wrong? What are the various systems of moral  and what is the origin of the State? Who has the right to educate? Is capital punishment ethical? Is ther a right to work? What is a just wage?  What is a just war? What is the principle of double effect? Are suicide and euthanasia against Natural Law? Is there a Natural Law? Etc.,etc. This is a clear and masterful work, which for today's confused world is a beacon of common sense written with an authoritative competence no one can effectively argue against.

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