The Hidden Face of the United Nations

  • Author: Michel Schooyans
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 208 pages
  • Product Description: The turmoil and tumult [within the UN] is no surprise to Fr. Schooyans, for truth does not appear to be the operative basis for consensus.  He understands and shows only too well how the UN today regards the rights of man as products of negotiation since, in its supreme moral and epistemological agnosticism, the UN does not believe it possible to know the truth about man and his values.  Truth falls victim under the axe of the consensus.  But the UN's blind eye to the truth of things does not imbue it with a sense of humility.  Rather its agnosticism does not inhibit but emboldens.  The UN charges ahead on the dubious strength of an arbitrary and highly fallible consensus.  Hence, its intolerance of the Church that is concerned about truth, and the family that is a democratic institution founded on love.  Schooyans' book brings the hidden face of the UN into light and exposes it as tyrannical.  As is his metier, Schooyans pulls no punches: he knows what is at stake and makes it unmistakably clear: Attention!  You are in the process of installing a new religion totally secularized and paganized.  You are trying to put in place a magisterium that claims to produce and impose Unique Thought.  You are busy with your inquisitorial tribunals to prosecute those who are regarded as ‘politically incorrect'.

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