The Darkness Did Not (Paperback)

  • Author: William L. Biersach
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 523 pages
  • Product Description: Fr. John Baptist, his faithful gardener Martin Feeney, the Knights Tumblar, and the whole gang you loved in The Endless Knot are back in the second book by Biersach. Just as the Archdiocese and the City are recovering from the horrific events described in the previous book, another mystery strikes. Is a Vampire really stalking the streets of Hollywood? Why are the police at a loss? Why is the Cardinal concerned? There must be some reason for His Eminence to once again hire the man he hates to solve the case. If the last volume took you to the edge of beyond, this one will push you over. Written with Biersach's trademark mixture of humor, joy, and terror, The Darkness Did Not will make you sure you never take anything in your life for granted again. Just as in the first book, you will recognize half the characters from your own experience.

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