The Endless Knot (Hardcover)

  • Author: William L. Biersach
  • Cover: Hardcover
  • Pages: 390 pages
  • Product Description: In this rollicking, funny, insightful, and chilling murder mystery, someone is killing, one by one, the auxiliary Bishops of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Much as he dislikes him, Archbishop Fulbright must turn to the only man capable of solving the crimes: Fr. John Baptist, the cop-turned-priest. But Fr. Baptist is a Latin Mass-saying traditionalist, while the Archbishop is…no better than he should be. With a cast of characters too real to be believed, this book will send the reader to his prayers --- and split his sides. The atmosphere of life in the Church and the World today is held up for view --- and appropriately skewered. As in real life, terror and humor are never far apart in the Endless Knot; this may be the only novel you yourself have lived!

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