The Church of Salvation

  • Author: Bro. Leonard Mary, MICM
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 159 pages
  • Product Description: Is the Church necessary? Most theologians today would say “no.” Not outright of course, but that is the result of the modern denial of the three-times defined dogma, “Outside the Church there is no salvation.” In this magisterial work, the fruit of 50 years of research, Br. Leonard Mary brings together quotations from 29 Doctors of the Church, 35 Popes, and 15 Councils to show the truth of this doctrine. Beautifully illustrated with 17 line-drawings, this book is sure to leave the reader thinking--and praying! The first chapter is an in-depth critique of Fr. Karl Rahner, S.J., the most influential of the modern theologians. Essential reading for anyone who wants to understand today’s problems in the Church.

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