Desire and Deception: Is the Church Necessary?

  • Author: Charles Coulombe
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 176 pages
  • Product Description: The belief in Baptism of Desire has never been held by the Catholic Church and cannot be found anywhere in the binding teachings of its Magisterium. No theology has ever been developed to define it or support it. It is true that speculation for and against its existence has been made by Saints, and many catechisms today have erroneously included it, but if anyone ever tries to trace any authority for its existence back to Christ or His Church, they will be unable to do so. Where then did this idea of Baptism of Desire” come from? This valuable work shows the origin of the notion, and how a great change in the Church's philosophy was required for it's acceptance. Details how the concept has grown from St. Thomas Aquinas' explicit desire for baptism, through a vague implicit desire, to the Modernists' anonymous Christianity and universal salvation of today. Shows that the Church's credibility and necessity stands or falls with her claim to be the sole means of Salvation. Essential for students of the Salvation and Baptism controversy, whatever their opinion in the matter. Certainly the greatest wealth of historical detail (presented in a lively, sometimes humorous manner) on the topic ever assembled.

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