They Fought the Good Fight

  • Author: Brother Thomas Mary Sennott
  • Cover: Paperback
  • Pages: 437 pages
  • Product Description: This fascinating work presents an awesome collection of photos, writings and data on the events in the lives of two famous Catholic men - Orestes Brownson and Father Leonard Feeney - who lived and worked spreading the faith in the same town, but 100 years apart. Both men had great zeal and both believed the same, but where Brownson was praised by his bishop 100 years earlier, Fr. Feeney was persecuted by his. This book contains some of the most brilliant and inspiring writings on the faith that any Catholic will ever read and includes for the first time anywhere a collection of the correspondence between Fr. Feeney and the Vatican and other material relating to his persecution. Read with horror the indifference and cruelty of the authorities in the Church over accusations of heresy. Learn about unlawful excommunications. Bishop Timothy J. Harrington of Worcester, MA, has declared this invaluable work free of moral or doctrinal error by giving it his Imprimi potest. Now America can read what really happened to the beloved Fr. Feeney. Also covers the regularization of the order that Fr. Feeney founded.

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