Vatican II and the Components of Liberalism

  • Price: $35.00
  • Type: Audio CD
  • Speaker: John Vennari
  • Length: 8 CDs
  • Product Description: Excellent series of talks prepared for classroom and home use on 8 CD's.  Bl. Pope Pius IX said, Liberal Catholics are the worst enemies of the Church.  In the 1950's, Msgr. Clifford Fenton enumerated 6 components of liberal thought based on the dogma, outside the Church there is no salvation, which dogma is universally denied by liberals. Mr. Vennari names the leading liberal Catholics who exerted their influence during Vatican II, and shows how their warped thinking has affected all levels of clergy and laity at work in the Church today.  Without understanding these six lines of attack used by liberals, souls will be severely handicapped in their understanding of the present enormous crisis of Faith which has cast a fog over the entire church.