• Price: $16.00
  • Type: Audio CD
  • Speaker: William L Biersach & Charles Coulombe
  • Length: 1 hour 20 minutes
  • Product Description: If Chivalry is dead, as we're so often told, what exactly is it that died? Or did it? Far from just a code of polite behavior, Chivalry was actually a courageous way of Catholic life, an avowed state which involved the taking of oaths and which was considered for centuries to be a source of Grace for those men brave enough to follow it. What grand oaths the Knights of old took! Furthermore, this talk includes an examination of that of that mysterious search known as the Quest for the Holy Grail. Finally, a thoughtful presentation of how Chivalry might be revived in our time?indeed, how it must be lived by every Catholic in the face of such cultural, social, and moral opposition as we face in our day. A must for young men and women aspiring to be virtuous Catholics.