Out of Context

  • Price: $16.00
  • Type: Audio CD
  • Speaker: William L Biersach
  • Length: 2 hours
  • Product Description: It has been said that rat poison is 99 percent nutritious - it's the 1 part of strychnine that does in a rat. Some religious books contain mostly good information, but also contain a few paragraphs of sinister misinformation that can send a trusting reader way off his rightful spiritual course. The same can be said of catechisms, movies, secular books, and the accounts of recent Marian Apparitions & Prophecy. It is also common for verses to be taken from the Bible out of context and used against the precepts of the Catholic Faith. In an attempt to alert sincere Catholics to the peril of uncritical reading and viewing, Mr. Biersach presents us with excerpts from a variety of sources and shows how their immediate meaning can be misleading until they are reinserted back into their overall context.