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Michael Malone. This monumental research project has consumed the attention of Michael Malone, author of the well-known APOSTOLIC DIGEST and many other challenging studies on the Faith, for over thirty years.  Calling upon more than 4,000 citations, the author demonstrates beyond the shadow of a doubt not only that all men must  undergo the actual reception of sacramental water  baptism in order to attain the Beatific Vision, but also why this Sacrament is so absolutely necessary for salvation.  With the help of his authorities, Mr. Malone takes us under the microscope to show the various graces that are infused into the soul at the instant of baptism, graces that bring about the "born-again" experience Our Lord told Nicodemus was so necessary.  But more remarkable is the discovery of the many citations proving that the Mother of God herself was baptized, when and why and by whom.  If she who was immaculately conceived HAD to be baptized to go to Heaven, who can deny himself this sacramental obligation?  THE ONLY BEGOTTEN undertakes a study in-depth of the Sacrament, what it does to us, and what it makes us; how Sanctifying Grace, while necessary to salvation, is merely a fellow-creature brought into being for us, and thus in need of further assistance and implementation to achieve its destiny. It is the un-created Life of God that must be transmitted into a soul destined for the Beatific Vision.  Answers why Adam and Eve nor any of their canonized children could achieve eternal bliss in the State of Justice; how men become Spouses of Jesus Christ and Temples of His Holy Spirit, regenerated, indeed, re-created fit for the Kingdom of Heaven. With a glowing commendation by Fr. Timothy Hopkins of St. Philomena Shrine, Miami, Florida.  You will understand, after reading this marvelous book, why "baptism of desire," alone cannot bring about a "new creature," any more than a desire for a new child alone can bring about the creation of a new person!  455 pp. PB. Magnificent! ITEM #11049 $39.95 Sale $19.95

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St. Alphonsus Liguori. Every facet of the early life of Jesus. Consoling lessons about His childhood and His love for us; how He suffered for us from the moment of His conception. Absolutely sublime reading for Advent. PB. 468pp. Imprimatur. ITEM #10323 $13.50 Sale $6.00

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John Bird, Producer.  That a great nation like England should have given to the world and to history a witness so uncompromising, serene and heroic, is a fact which should fill the students of history with admiration, reminding them that this ‘Isle of Saints' gave to posterity so many who loved so generously and so selflessly.  The Church ruled the nation for a thousand years, earning for herself the title "Our Lady's Dowry," and prophecy strongly insists that the Faith will return to England when Catholics once again go to Our Lady in the nation's most famous shrine built in her honor at Walsingham.
PART ONE: Brilliant cinematography and classical music form the setting for this history, beginning with the ice age and first traces of inhabitation by Celts, Romans, Saxons, Angles and Danes.  The oldest records of archeology are shown, including Stone Henge and Hadrian's Wall, built by the Romans to establish the northern borders.  The faith enters when St. Augustine lands in Kent - St. Alban becomes England's first martyr.  At the disintegration of Roman rule, the Church became the soul of the empire.
PART TWO: St. Patrick, St. Columba and St. Aidan spread the faith to Wales, Ireland and the north country.  St. Bede writes the remarkable history of the nation, St. Cuthbert becomes the most revered and his incorrupt body bears testimony to his holiness.  St. Edmund, King Alfred, Albert the Great, King Canute and King Edward add luster to the English monarchy, ruling with holiness, building castles and abbeys which are still a part of the English landscape.
PART THREE: In East Anglia, Our Lady appears to a woman in the year 1061, asking that she build a replica of the Holy House of Nazareth.  Miraculously accomplished, it becomes a place of pilgrimage for the nation.  The road to Walsingham becomes known as the "Milky Way," lined with barefoot pilgrims who leave their shoes at the "Slipper Chapel."  Erasmus called the Holy House the "dwelling place of saints."  During the persecution of Henry VIII and the reign of terror, Walsingham was ransacked and the famous statue burnt at Chelsey. There follows 400 years of vicious persecution of Catholics in England.
PART FOUR: Gradually the persecution ends, and by 1829 the Catholic Emancipation Act allows Catholics to enter public life for the first time in four centuries.  Gothic Revival becomes the national style of architecture and the Oxford Movement, St. Dominic Barberi and Cardinal Neuman become leading lights in the return to Catholic roots.  Queen Victoria's son, Edward, attends Mass, the first member of the royal family to do so since Henry VIII.  English history is inextricably bound up with Our Lady of Walsingham and today people from all faiths are to be found making pilgrimage to her holy shrine.  For the first time in the history of the Church, the Holy Father is pictured visiting England and the 40 English Martyrs are canonized.  Unity of all nations has been fixed in heaven following the present turmoil and Our Lady's era of Peace will be her triumph. Tape four contains some questionable material, but overall it is a good tape and part of a great presentation of the history of the Catholic Church in England.
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By noted producer John Bird. Filmed on location in France and Rome, this collection of 4 videos was two years in production and provides almost 5 hours of enjoyment and instruction.  Here is a history of France told entirely from a Catholic point of view, showing how the Faith was brought to the shores of the country by Mary Magdalene and Lazarus who brought with them the bones of St. Anne.  Tells of the many miracles that have been a part of French history from the beginning.  Superb cinematography, haunting, inspirational classical and religious music provides  a serene setting for the telling of the extraordinary grace poured into this nation by God from the beginning of its history.  The spiritual destiny of this blessed nation has yet to be fulfilled according to prophecies relating to the end times.  This magnificent story will be thoroughly enjoyed by armchair travelers and pilgrims who may never have the opportunity to visit the lovely French countryside and village churches filled with rich history.  The cave where the Magdalen lived is still open to pilgrims.
PART ONE: Heart of the Lily is the story of Mary Magdalene's journey to Provence in southern France, and how the seed which she and the early disciples left in Roman Gaul blossomed into a garden of saints and churches, most notably in the Abbey town of Paray-le-Monial where Jesus revealed the treasures of His Sacred Heart to St. Margaret Mary Alacoque.
PART TWO: Sun of Justice tells how  France experienced a period of great prosperity during the reign of Louis XIII and his son, Louis XIV.  These two kings were for their country what David and Solomon had been for the people of Israel.  Sadly, the dynasty was cut short with the execution of Louis XVI in the French Revolution when the Church was devastated and almost destroyed in a 3 year reign of terror.  St. John Vianney was God's gift to France after that time.
PART THREE: Hope Springs Eternal.  The Church struggles under the Masonic government established by the Revolution of 1789.  The uprising in the Vendee is portrayed in all its magnificence.  Therese of Lisieux, Pius X, Joan of Arc, St. Denis & St. Genevieve add luster.
PART FOUR: Triumph of the Cross.  The history of Brittany and the Breton saints who gave glory to the Church includes the adventures of King Arthur who came in search of the Holy Grail thought to have been lost in the woods of Brittany.  Later St. Louis de Montfort, St. Madelaine Sophie Barat, St. Therese of the Child Jesus and other saints little known outside the country add grace and hope as the nation continues to suffer under an anti-Christian government.  Framers of the New World Order unite for greed while the saints call souls to higher purposes - union with the Sacred Heart of Jesus who will, in the future, begin the restoration of belief in God from the shores of France which will spread throughout a cleansed world.
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