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The Premiere Catholic Bible.
Contains the invaluable foot-notes, gathered by Fr. George Leo Haydock. Includes the Illustrated Bible Dictionary and a history of the books of the Bible in one volume.
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This is the best defense of the Catholic Church that we have ever read! A terrific response to Protestant Fundamentalists, every non-Catholic who claims to follow Christ, and especially all of our relatives, friends and neighbors who have stopped practicing the Catholic Faith.
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Without a doubt, this is the best presentation of the Catholic Faith to non-Catholics available anywhere today. Not only is it a terrific help in sharing our Catholic Faith with others, it contains so much important information that it is a perfect brush-up course for Catholics as well.
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Is the Holy Eucharist REALLY the Body and Blood of Christ, as the Church has taught for 2,000 years, or do we receive only a symbolic reminder of Jesus at the Last Supper? Color photos show Padre Pio in ecstasy as he celebrates the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass.
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Is the Church necessary? Most theologians today would say “no.” This is the result of the modern denial of the dogma, “Outside the Church there is no salvation.” In this magisterial work, Br. Leonard Mary brings together quotations from 29 Doctors of the Church, 35 Popes, and 15 Councils to show the truth of this doctrine.
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A tribute to the Blessed Virgin Mother that is unequaled in our times. Drawing on the ancient Fathers and Doctors of the Church and on the hidden Scriptures which tell of the love of God for this singular beauty of His creation, Mr. Biersach has woven a tapestry of his own making, baring a heart not altogether unlike those of the best saints who have written of Her.

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